Introducing our new brand!

We’re incredibly pleased to announce the launch of our new brand! Over the next few weeks and months you’ll see new logos, a new gym and a whole new range of clothing coming your way!

We’ll be taking pre-orders in very soon for our new clothing ranges, designed alongside some of the very best names in the industry.

We are also hugely excited to announce the launch of Genesis Gym in High Wycombe later this year. We will be launching our new venue with a full range of classes for all ages.

We are excited to bring together our vision of martial arts working as one community including Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, K1, MMA and our Children’s Martial Arts Academy backed by our incredible coaches, staff and celebrity ambassadors.

Thank you to all our dedicated members who have continued to support our growth and development! We know your going to love what’s to come!

Thank youuuuu!

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