Grading Weekend – November 2018!

This weekend we have seen our over 100 Dragons, Junior and Adult students complete their next belt grading’s. The Genesis Gym team want to congratulate all the students for taking part. We are pleased to announce that EVERYONE passed! It is a heart-warming experience for all coaches and staff at the gym to see so many students excel and earn their next grades. Students have proved to be focused and driven to earn their belts – for all Junior and Adult Main Grading results please continue reading.

Junior and Adults belts and certificates will be handed out during class over within the next few weeks!


See you all training soon!

Student Belt Instructor Pass
Aiden Carr White Paul Busby Pass
Christopher Carr White Paul Busby Pass
Harry Howlett White Phil Higgins Pass
Lara Martin White Phil Higgins Pass
Mae MacDonald White Phil Higgins Pass
Oscar Crabtree White Gary Jones Pass
Robert Katana White Gary Jones Pass
Suhaylah Hussain White Gary Jones Pass
Theo Falconer White Paul Busby Pass
Xawier Matusiak White Phil Higgins Pass
Scarlett O’Neill White Phil Higgins Pass
Sebastian Pooley White Phil Higgins Pass
Zoe Dicker White Gary Jones Pass
Diana Real-Lage White Richard Salter Pass
Grace Brackley White Phil Higgins Pass
Libby Godwin White Phil Higgins Pass
Lesley Godwin White Phil Higgins Pass
Nabil Noor White Phil Higgins Pass
Oliver Godwin White Phil Higgins Pass
Matt Eade White Richard Salter Pass
Sameer Amir White Phil Higgins Pass
Tim Stoddard White Phil Higgins Pass
Sophia Moore Blue Paul Busby Pass
Joshua Ritchie Blue Gary Jones Pass
Kaya Murray Blue Richard Salter Pass
Daniel Godwin Blue Phil Higgins Pass
Mohammed Ali Blue Richard Salter Pass
Ryan Coady Blue Richard Salter Pass
Tammy Robinson Blue Richard Salter Pass
Lee Drinkwater Blue Phil Higgins Pass
Isaac John Orange Phil Higgins Pass
Jameson Gaskin Orange Phil Higgins Pass
Amelie Holder Orange Paul Busby Pass
Jake Walsh Orange Paul Busby Pass
Brody Francis Orange Richard Salter Pass
Monty Fox Green Paul Busby Pass
Triti Panda Green Gary Jones Pass
Simon Verschuren Green Richard Salter Pass
Maxwell Heavens Purple Phil Higgins Pass
Mika Turner Purple Paul Busby Pass
Pascal Pisarski Purple Paul Busby Pass
Phoebe Rhodes Purple Paul Busby Pass
Areeb Hanif Purple Phil Higgins Pass
Jack Falconer Purple Phil Higgins Pass
Olivia Jackson Purple Paul Busby Pass
Maggie Jones Brown Gary Jones Pass
Suzanne McPherson Brown Richard Salter Pass

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