Beginners Martial Arts Classes

Not sure where to get started on your Martial Arts journey? Our beginners and fundamentals classes specifically cater the needs of someone just starting out! We have weekly beginners’ classes in Kickboxing, MMA and Jiu-Jistu.

When you join us in one of our Beginners or Fundamentals classes you’ll learn:

  • Basic stance and footwork.
  • How to throw the core punches and kicks.
  • How to build confidence in defending against strikes and progressing into controlled sparring.
  • Takedowns and how to fall safely.
  • Core mobility and strengthening exercise to facilitate ground fighting and prevent injuries in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  • A clear explanation of the objectives whilst fighting on the floor.
  • A basic understanding of grappling positions, submissions and escapes.

In this classes you’ll learn amongst others of similar abilities and similar goals. The coaches will always be there to support your training needs and help you achieve your goals.

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